18-20 APRIL 2023

Excellent Production and Quality. An Industrial Experience in Food & Beverage

  • 30/03/2022
  • 10:25 - 11:00
  • Auditorium Omron
  • Premium VIP Pass
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In this session, HEINEKEN’s Digital and Operational Excellence Manager at its Seville plant will show us how technology has been the key to optimising workflows and automating quality controls, providing real-time information that helps decision-making and responding as quickly as possible to changes due to production and quality trends. This project has meant a leap towards smart, sustainable and resilient manufacturing for the plant, where people are empowered and non-value-added tasks are reduced to strengthen the “culture of quality”.


Juan Padilla

Juan Padilla

Digital and Operational Excellence Manager Sevilla


Introduced by:

Sergio Fabregat

Sergio Fabregat

Event Director

Food 4 Future