8-10 JUNE 2021

For the sixth consecutive year, the CIAC gives the opportunity to present innovative projects aimed at the automotive sector: where companies, start-ups, universities or technology centers can make themselves known and take advantage of the networking environment of a high-level international congress that It can help to find partners, financing or open new lines of business, such as Advanced Factories. The projects to be presented are: – ANTI-VAHO, ANTI-LLUVIA, ANTI-RAYA: Industrial solution that ensures vision (Advanced Nanotechnologies) – C-MobILE – Accelerating C-ITS Mobility Innovation and depLoyment in Europe (Applus Idiada) – Project BUGI (BUGI Consulting) – ERAY (Elisava Racing Team) – Design of fabrics with polyurethane filaments with shape memory (SMPU) to improve the elasticity of vehicle seats (Eurecat) – CFIP (Eurecat) – SKILLSBOOK PLATFORM (IT -Strategic Consultants) – AGVs with artificial intelligence (Kivnon) – Prediction, one of the key points in the development of electric vehicles (MOsaic Factor) – SCOOBIC HI-CARGO (Passion Motorbike Factory) – TOVERES NIT (Steelceram) – Relationship Gear variable (Verne)