9-11 APRIL 2019

The Advanced Manufacturing for high performance plants

Industrial Automation

Machine tool: Cutting, deformation, laser, drilling, chip removal, forming, plasma, milling machine, embossing machine, lathe, polisher, press.

Robotics: Cobots (collaborative robotics), mobile platforms, industrial robotics, sanitary.

Automation: Control systems, PLC, automatic industrial.

Components and accessories: Hardware and software for industrial plant management, electrical boxes, components for flexible automation, mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and electronic accessories.

Materials: Plastic, metal, steel, veneer, ceramic, composite, intelligent materials, circular economy, graphene, coatings and heat treatments.

Intralogistics and transport: Intelligent palatalization and storage systems, positioning systems, autonomous terrestrial vehicles, drones.

Digital Manufacturing

3D Printing: Design, protyping, mass production, customization.

Predictive maintenance: Vibration analysis, ultrasound, thermography, analysis of lubrication, tribology, Analysis of Alternative Machines, monitoring of large electrical machines, Analysis of Electric Induction Motors (ESA & MCA).

Industrial Software MES, ERP, PLC and Data Analytics.

Metrology and Quality Control: Measuring technology, optical systems, integration of metrology in production line, zero-defect manufacturing.

Nanotechnology: Research, application and development.

Energy efficiency: Expert systems of energy management, industrial energy cycle, industrial energy storage, renewable energy, photovoltaic energy, wind energy, industrial energy recovery, geothermal energy.

The Advanced Manufacturing for high performance plants