Advanced Factories

Advanced Factories

20-22 APRIL 2021

Discover the advanced manufacturing for high performance industries. Take part in Advanced Factories and discover how the sum of Industrial Automation, Digital Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 will boost the productivity and performance of your industrial plant.

Industrial Automation

Machine tool: Cutting, deformation, laser, drilling, chip removal, forming, plasma, milling machine, embossing machine, lathe, polisher, press.

Robotics: Cobots (collaborative robotics), mobile platforms, industrial robotics, sanitary.

Automation: Control systems, PLC, automatic industrial.

Components and accessories: Hardware and software for industrial plant management, electrical boxes, components for flexible automation, mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and electronic accessories.

Materials: Plastic, metal, steel, veneer, ceramic, composite, intelligent materials, circular economy, graphene, coatings and heat treatments.

Intralogistics and transport: Intelligent palatalization and storage systems, positioning systems, autonomous terrestrial vehicles, AGV or drones.

Digital Manufacturing

3D Printing: Design, prototyping, mass production, customization.

Predictive maintenance: Vibration analysis, ultrasound, thermography, analysis of lubrication, tribology, Analysis of Alternative Machines, monitoring of large electrical machines, Analysis of Electric Induction Motors (ESA & MCA).

Industrial Software MES, ERP, PLC and Data Analytics.

Metrology and Quality Control: Measuring technology, optical systems, VR/AR, integration of metrology in production line, zero-defect manufacturing.

Nanotechnology: Research, application and development.

Energy efficiency: Expert systems of energy management, industrial energy cycle, industrial energy storage, renewable energy, photovoltaic energy, wind energy, industrial energy recovery, geothermal energy.

Industry 4.0

Artificial Intelligence

Digital Twin

Internet of Things


Big Data & Analytics


Industrial Cloud

Machine Learning

Advanced Manufacturing for a new Industry Vision