Save the date! 8-10 April 2025 | FIRA BARCELONA - GRAN VÍA

Discover multimaterial 3D printing for big parts

Aitiip Centro Tecnológico will present on Thursday, April 11, the Kraken project, which aims to integrate different technologies such as 3D printing, robotics, 7DoF real-time control (7 degrees of freedom in movement), complex monitoring and advanced control algorithms, supported by visualization software.

KRAKEN machine is able to manufacture functional parts based on the additive manufacturing concept, layer by layer, alternating additive deposition of material (metal: WAAM and metallisation 6kg/h + bi-component resin extrusion 240kg/h) and subtractive operations (2mm depth of cut and 10m/min speed) on each layer or after a determined number of layers (in a frame of 20*6*3m). The position of the head is monitored and controlled 1/1000sec, with an accuracy of 0.1mm over 20m parts.

Climb-up manufacturing and hybrid process make possible to obtain good finishing on internal –or difficult to reach- areas of the part being manufactured as well as to better control thermal stresses and deformations.

The Kraken project is coordinated by Aitiip and involves 15 partners from 8 different countries Acciona (Spain), Vero Software (United Kingdom), Leica Geosystems (Switzerland), CSEM (Switzerland), Pininfarina (Italy), Vision Business Consultants ( Greece), Autonomous Systems (Romania), Richerche FIAT Center (Italy), CECIMO (Belgium), Espace 2001 SA (Luxembourg), Alchemie Ltd (United Kingdom), Arasol (Spain), TWI (United Kingdom) and Teamnet World Professional Services (Romania).

Airbus, Acciona & Qatar National Museum (through Gretel&Jacinto) have already received the first Kraken units. If you would like to know how Kraken can improve the productivity of your manufacturing plant, take part of the presentation that will take place on Thursday, April 11 at #AF2019 (10: 00h in Room 131).  Save your seat by writing us.