Save the date! 8-10 April 2025 | FIRA BARCELONA - GRAN VÍA

Showcase your latest solutions at Advanced Factories and be protagonist at the main event on Industry 4.0

Advanced Factories brings together the most innovative industrial automation, robotics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, virtual, augmented and mixed reality, digital twin, artificial vision, systems integration software, Internet of Things, industrial cloud, data analytics, cybersecurity and industrial plant management tools for the Spanish industry. All companies involved in industrial automation, robotics and 4.0 technologies have the opportunity to present their solutions at Advanced Factories in front of a demand that is increasingly aware of the technologies and eager to make the most of them.


From April 9th to 11th, 2024, we have an appointment to Lead the Factory Automation. Participate in Advanced Factories and boost your sales. Take this opportunity to connect with more than 27.000 CEOs, managers, plant managers, CIOs, specialized technicians, engineers and industry professionals.


Advanced Factories is much more than a fair. At the same time, the largest European congress on industrial innovation is held, the Industry 4.0 Congress, in which leading international experts give the keys to implement new business models and delve into the most advanced technological trends around the Advanced Industry.

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Industrial Automation

Robotics: Industrial robots, articulated robots, parallel link robots, micro robots, components, collaborative and sanitary robotics, service robots for professional applications, humanoids and collaborative robotics.

Automation: Control systems, PLCs, components for flexible automation, handling of parts and tools, mounting and assembly, software for product development, manufacturing and control of production and equipment, software for machine tools, workstations.

Machine tool: Cutting, deformation, laser, drilling, chip removal, forming, plasma, milling, stamping, lathe, polishing and pressing.

Components and accessories: Industrial plant management, mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and electronic accessories.

Materials: Plastic, metal, steel, veneer, ceramic, composite, intelligent materials, circular economy, graphene, coatings and heat treatments.

Intralogistics and transport: Intelligent palatalization and storage systems, positioning systems, autonomous terrestrial vehicles, AGV or drones.

Digital Manufacturing

3D Printing: Design, prototyping, long series, product customization, materials, applications for manufacturing, software, hardware, machinery, raw material, training, investigation and development.

Industrial Software: For product development, for machine tools and manufacturing,
for production control, MES, ERP, HMI and CHI interfaces, control systems, automation stations, sensorization, RFID, ultrasonic systems, work stations.

Predictive maintenance: Vibration analysis, ultrasound, thermography, analysis of lubrication, tribology, Analysis of Alternative Machines, monitoring of large electrical machines, Analysis of Electric Induction Motors (ESA & MCA).

Artificial vision: Measurement systems and components for machine vision, applications, integrated vision systems, virtual reality, augmented reality.

Sensor Technology: Triggering and driving, control systems, protection and security, positioning Systems, position and proximity switches, linear displacement sensors, distance, and thickness, sensors, RFID systems,  safety control…

Metrology and Quality Control: Measurement technology, optical systems, integration of metrology in production line and zero-defect manufacturing.

Nanotechnology: Research, application and development.

Energy efficiency: Expert energy management systems, industrial energy cycle, industrial energy storage, renewable energy, photovoltaic energy, wind energy, industrial energy recovery and geothermal energy.

Industry 4.0

Artificial Intelligence

Digital Twin

Internet of Things


Big Data & Analytics


Industrial Cloud Computing

Machine Learning


CAD/ CAM Services

Consulting and services

Specific training

Laboral risk prevention

Learning technology

Media and Publisher

Professional Associations and Institutions

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