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Innovative Projects in Vocational Training

As part of the work promoting talent and training in the industrial field, Advanced Factories in collaboration with the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Fundación BCN Formación Profesional, announces the Factories of the Future Awards for Innovative Vocational Training Projects.

This is a category aimed at recognising vocational training centres that are innovating to adapt to the new demands of the market, with attractive proposals for future professionals and responding to the challenges that the digital economy is setting, as well as other trends that evolve the value proposition or work route of educational centres.

With this initiative, we aim to recognise and give visibility to educational centres in a professional environment that students will be part of in the immediate future.

The criteria to be taken into account are:

–  A benchmark institute in its territory for Dual Vocational Training in industrial cycles.

–  Promotion of industrial vocational training among women so that in the future the female figure will have a representative weight among professionals in the sector.

–  Projects that promote the Sustainable Development Goals in the industrial sector.

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Deadline for applications: 27 March 2024

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