Industry 4.0 Congress

Congress for Industrial Parks Managers


Optimisation and Development of Business Parks

Advanced Factories will host a new edition of the Congress for Industrial Estate Managers. This is an activity hosted in the Industry 4.0 Congress in which we will have the participation of representatives of different industrial ecosystems in Spain in order to share the main difficulties encountered by each of them, and the most innovative solutions that have been implemented.


In this new edition, Advanced Factories reinforces the relevance and prominence of this forum, very necessary to boost the digital transformation of the industrial areas of our market, promoting the implementation of good mobility infrastructures for goods, high connectivity and good 5G connections for factories, improving technology transfer between the members of the industrial areas, or promoting collaboration and synergies between the companies that make up a PAE are the main challenges that industrial estate managers have to lead.


The National Congress of Industrial Estate Managers will count in 2024 with the participation of the Spanish Coordination of Business Parks – CEPE as co-organising entity.


Despite the fact that Industry 4.0 is clearly established in our factories, and digitalisation is embracing all areas of our lives, if we focus on the whole economic area that industrial parks represent, we can see that the vast majority of them still lack digitalisation and connectivity, and what is more, they offer enormous opportunities to create synergies and work collaboratively, thus approaching the era of Industry 5.0.


For all these reasons, until 5 February 2024, the congress organising committee is open to receive any candidature that brings new inspiring and disruptive ideas, and especially success stories and projects that inspire industrial estate managers by providing solutions for sustainability and competitiveness.

Main Topics

  • Urban Planning: We will explore strategies and best practices for smart urban planning that promotes economic growth, accessibility and harmony with the environment.
  • Q Certification – Quality Business Park: We will discover the criteria and standards that define a quality business park, with a special focus on user satisfaction and excellence in management and infrastructure.
  • Energy: We will present approaches to efficient energy management, including renewable solutions, that contribute to cost reduction and environmental commitment.
  • Security: We will address the most advanced strategies for ensuring security in business parks, from surveillance systems to cybersecurity measures, to protect the assets and integrity of companies.
  • Mobility, logistics and transport: We will explore trends and innovative solutions for mobility within industrial parks, vehicle flow optimisation and efficiency projects and the promotion of sustainable alternatives, such as electric vehicle sharing.
  • Waste Management: We will dive into the most effective practices for responsible waste management in industrial parks, thus contributing to environmental sustainability and regulatory compliance.
  • Public-Private Collaboration: We will analyse how effective collaboration between the public and private sectors can boost the development of business parks, encouraging investment and the creation of environments conducive to innovation.
  • Joint Management of Business Parks: We will analyse how collaboration between different business parks can boost efficiency in the management of common services, generating beneficial synergies for all the companies involved, as well as the dissemination of programmes and initiatives that promote synergies between companies and their immediate environment (economic areas, municipalities and Public Administrations).
  • Digitalisation and connectivity: Solutions, projects and grouped initiatives that favour digital transformation in the Economic Activity Parks.
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