18-20 APRIL 2023

Advanced Factories offers to your company the unique opportunity to make contact with more than 20,000 professionals from the industrial sector. CEOs, Management Directors and all the decision-makers from leading manufacturing companies come to Advanced Factories looking for the best solutions to transform their manufacturing plant into a smart factory.

The managers of the automotive, food & beverage, health & pharma, railway, energy, electronics, steel or textile, among others, are increasingly aware of the scope of industry 4.0 and its technologies, so they come to Advanced Factories looking for technical innovations, equipment, management models, experiences and knowledge that allow them not only to respond to their needs, but to anticipate them. Advanced Factories is not only a trade fair, it is your annual meeting where the latest solutions are showcased to improve the competitiveness of our manufacturing plants thanks to industrial technologies.

Demand sectors:

  • Aeronautics
  • Arms and defense
  • Automotive, auto parts and auxiliary industries
  • Equipment goods
  • Metal constructions
  • Electronics and electricity
  • Energy: solar, photovoltaic, wind
  • Rail sector and its auxiliary industries
  • Manufacture of equipment and components for other industrial sectors
  • Manufacture of other machinery (agricultural, textile, lifting)
  • Manufacture of tools and industrial supplies
  • Engineering, product development and industrial technical services
  • Metallurgy
  • Molds and dies
  • Industrial assemblies
  • Naval
  • Iron and steel industry
  • Outsourcing (ignition, assembling, mechanization)

Who is visiting Advanced Factories:

Industrial experts gathered in the most innovative industrial event that intend to design, optimize and improve the productivity of your production center and turn it into a highly productive center, increasing its competitiveness thanks to the acquisition of the latest technology.

  • Manufacturers, Industrial Entrepreneurs, Executives and Managers of the Industrial Sector
  • Technicians, Production and R&D departments Managers

They seek to develop innovation, counsel, industrial solutions, new models of manufacturing and business contacts. They buy equipment to transform (Robotics, Metal Deformation Mechanisms, Automation, Technology…).

  • Governments and Ministers of Industry, Departments in charge of boosting the industry and its internationalization of Public Administration

They are seeking to boost Re-industrialisation policies in Europe.

  • Technological and Research Centers, Universities

They are focused on introducing the innovations and transfer knowledge to companies.

  • Private Investors, Business Angels, Corporate Ventures and Traditional Banking

They look for business projects with expansion opportunities and capital need.

  • International Organizations

They want to promote environmental policies and the reduction of industrial CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. IETA, World Bank, EIB, UN…

AF2022 PostShow Report

AF2022 PostShow Report