13-15 MARCH 2018

Discover the biggest international Congress on Industry 4.0

Know more about cutting-edge technology and latest developments that will transform factories into factories of the future. Get inspired with the most important innovation and learn how to optimize your business with the use of an advanced technology.


Join the 4th Industrial Revolution in Advanced Factories

Advanced Factories is the meeting point of the latest innovation in machine-tool, industrial automation and Industry 4.0. If your company is innovative and contributes to transform factories and turn them into factories of the future, this is your event! Include Advanced Factories in your 2017 marketing plan.

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  • Max Lemke

    Technologies & Systems for Digitising Industry, EUROPEAN COMISSION

  • Marc Sachon

    Production, Technology and Operations Professor and Academic Director of the Industry 4.0 Program, IESE BUSINESS SCHOOL

  • Stefan Schwerdtle

    Factory Manager Global Production, FESTO

  • Bob Parker

    Group Vice President Research IDC Manufacturing Global, IDC RESEARCH

  • Ivano Ortis

    Vice President Manufacturing Insights Europe, IDC RESEARCH

  • Diego Sáez

    Managing Partner, MESBOOK

  • Xavier Conesa

    General Manager, TECNOMATRIX


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  • 13 - 15 MARCH 2018

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