18-20 APRIL 2023
Advanced Factories, exhibiting benefits

We show you ten reasons why you should include ADVANCED FACTORIES in your marketing plan, with the possibility to participate as a Partner, Exhibitor or Newcomer:

  1. Position your brand.
  2. Showcase your most recent innovations to your audience, media and prescriptors
  3. Participate in all stages of the process of industrial purchase.
  4. Activate and/or accelerate the purchase process
  5. Generate the engagement and the necessary link to build loyalty and sell more
  6. Participate in B2B meetings with the purchase decision makers, an audience of managers that will not be provided by any other event
  7. Inspire your audience by participating in a Congress dedicated to Industry 4.0
  8. Benefit from the transfer of innovation through challenges.
  9. Impact on regular communications through our Newsletter during the whole year.
  10. Join a qualified Network in which you will play the major role.
  • “My experience at Advanced Factories has been great. Is not the first year I come, would not be the last. We manage to talk with current customer, and we had opportunities to meet new possible clients. Every year is gettting better. There is a great advantage to share technlogies and to find real clients.”

    Danilo Tellez

    Enterprise Sales Executive Manager, Glartek
AF2022 PostShow Report

AF2022 PostShow Report