3-5 MARCH 2020

Talent Marketplace

Talent Marketplace

Industrial digitization and the automation of processes in industries has given rise to new and unknown labor market at the same time. This has to evolve at the same speed as technology does and,  the challenge now consists of adapting to the new professional profiles that the industrial sector is demanding.

That is why, in Advanced Factories we have created the Talent Marketplace, a space to deepen on the new professional profiles and talent recruitment to cover new jobs related to Industry 4.0.

On Thursday, 11th April, Advanced Factories opens its doors to students of the last year of technical degrees, engineering and professional training related to the industrial sector with the aim that these students who will soon enter the labor market can learn from the hand of the experts in human resources and personnel selection what skills will be required and what job opportunities are offered by different industries.

The Talent Marketplace will accommodate from 3:00 p.m. to various brief presentations by human resources experts and a round table; with the objective of bringing to the participants what are the profiles, professions, needs and skills that are being asked in the work environment of Industry 4.0. Afterwards, students can meet briefly with the speakers to receive advice and submit their curriculum vitae if they wish.

On the other hand, the Talent Marketplace is a way for participating companies to find the perfect candidates for their companies.

How to participate in Talent Marketplace

If you are a director of human resources or recruitment of talent, send us your interest in participating to the mail carolina.fontbote@nebext.com, indicating the sector of activity of your company, and a brief synopsis on what you would like to explain to the students.