Save the date! 8-10 April 2025 | FIRA BARCELONA - GRAN VÍA

Cognitive Robotics: When AI merges with advanced robotics

Thu 11 Apr | 12:00 - 12:30

The number of installed robots is growing steadily throughout industry. At the same time, more and more systems based on generative AI are being implemented in both product development and production processes. The current effort of researchers is to integrate AI as much as possible into autonomous robotic systems, what they call “cognitive robotics”. Their performance surpasses even the limits of human knowledge and opens up a new paradigm for their use in industrial environments. We have the participation of an internationally renowned researcher, who is working on R&D projects with Japanese companies in the development of these systems to increase the integration and interaction of robots with humans.

Magí Dalmau Moreno

Magí Dalmau Moreno

Head of Cognitive Robotics