Save the date! 8-10 April 2025 | FIRA BARCELONA - GRAN VÍA

How will we manufacture the electrified vehicles of the future?

Tue 09 Apr | 15:30 - 16:00

The presentation titled ‘The Future of Advanced Manufacturing of Electrified Vehicles’ offers a deep reflection on the direction the automotive industry is heading in the era of electrification. It addresses both technological advancements and the challenges faced by vehicle manufacturers in this new scenario. Current developments in manufacturing will be questioned, along with how they are adapting to changes in regulatory environments and end-user requirements. Furthermore, it will delve into the impact that digitization and sustainability are having and will have on manufacturing processes. Finally, it will provide insight into how the industry can adapt and thrive in this new era of electric mobility.


Xavier Pujol Cid

Xavier Pujol Cid

OEMs and TIIER 1 Technical Advisor

CEO Reibus