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We reward the work and excellence in the manufacturing industry

Factories of the Future Awards are designed to recognize the work, leadership and transformation of those companies that invest in innovation in the industrial sector, focusing on the areas of business model, new products, equipment, communication management, operational processes, marketing or customer experience.

On April 5 at the Hotel Majestic in Barcelona, the ceremony of delivery of the Factories of the Future Awards was held. From over 100 of received applications, our Commitee chose 3 of each category, who entered the final, third phase of the competition.

>Best industry in using digital technologies for production


The winner:

For the development of an adaptive intelligence system for the dynamic optimization of the liquefaction cycle in the air separation plant. In this case Industry 4.0. applies to the process industry, combining the use of big data, analysis and mining, modeling through neural networks within artificial intelligence to achieve a decrease in the electrical consumption of the liquefaction cycle . The jury has positively valued its social impact – reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

>Best innovative technology for the factories of the future: Robotics

The winner:

For the TIAGo mobile manipulator that represents a next step in the implementation of collaborative robotics in industrial environments. This type of robots will improve the quality of jobs and contribute to the inclusion of elderly people or the ones with physical disabilities in industrial environments, since the robot TIAGo works cooperatively with the operators improving the Ergonomics and productivity. Its programming is easily formed through algorithms of “learning by demostration”. Collaborative robotics is a growing trend and companies like Pal Robotics will contribute to strengthening Europe’s competitiveness against other regions of the world, attracting more players in the value chain and generating new business models.

>Best innovative technology for the factories of the future: Big Data


The winner

For its cyberphysical IoT system that interconnects and manages all the parts of factories of any sector and size in real time. The developed solution covers an important gap in the achievements of Industry 4.0, especially appreciated for its implementation in industrial SMEs. Its flexibility to operate in any factory makes it especially scalable and adaptable to the needs of the end user.

>Best research program for Industry 4.0

Award for the best industrial research program in Industry 4.0 field.


The winner:

For its INGENIUM talent program to improve the capacities of Industry 4.0 in the entire industry. It is an internal initiative, financed with own resources, created to promote innovation from within, following a bottom-up approach, involving employees from various departments of the company. An excellent example of intrapreneurship and Open Innovation.

>Best professional career for Industry 4.0

> La Vanguardia Prize for the best economic development plan for Industry 4.0