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Factories of the Future Awards

We reward the work and excellence in the manufacturing industry

The Factories of the Future Awards are designed to recognize the work, leadership and transformation of those companies that invest in innovation in the industry automation and digitalization, being Awards mission to foster and promote such innovation to be implemented on the areas of business model, new products, equipment, communication management, operational processes, marketing or customer experience.

A. Leadership in industrial companies' transformation towards his digitization

The award is given to industrial companies that have carried out a digital transformation, incorporating 4.0 technologies in their operations or management areas. The project submitted must be implemented by the closing date for applications. The impact on production efficiency, sustainability and talent attraction will be assessed. It is necessary to include in the application the technical details of the implemented solutions.

B. Best Industrial Equipment or System for the Factory of the Future

Recognition for supplier solutions that enable the implementation of advanced machinery, innovative digital systems or automation as a key element for the competitiveness of customer companies. It will be a prerequisite that the products or services have already been implemented in at least two companies by the closing date for applications, indicating the competitive advantages that this has brought them.

C. Most disruptive startup in the industrial sector

We reward start-ups or entrepreneurial projects with a track record of less than 4 years, with a value proposition in the field of industrial and manufacturing technologies. The award is given to both technology providers and users in the industrial sector.

D. Best research and development project

Category aimed at rewarding research and development projects in the fields of artificial intelligence in manufacturing and industrial production processes. Projects that visualise the transformative impact through the use of machine learning technologies in transversal applications such as computer vision, maintenance, virtual assistants, contactless solutions and/or their combination with automation or process robotisation solutions will be judged. The scale of the project includes industrial deployments, pilots and proofs of concept. The start date and end date of the project must be mentioned in the application, but it is not essential that the project has been completed.

E. Award for Excellence in sustainability, industrial eco-development and circular economy

This category is aligned with the UN SDGs and recognises the best projects in the field of industrial sustainability. Initiatives and solutions that promote the development of more efficient and sustainable processes, product life cycle optimisation, recyclability and reusability of products or waste are eligible for submission. Solutions that favour decarbonisation, reduction of the carbon footprint of the final product and its production process may be presented. The impact obtained will be positively assessed.