18-20 APRIL 2023
Call for Speakers Advanced Factories

Industry 4.0 Congress

Are you a leader on Advanced Industry?

If you have a leadership vision for Industry 4.0, we are calling for you! We are looking for experts, researchers, professionals, entrepreneurs, universities, associations and organizations from all over the world who want to present and discuss the latest solutions and technologies that are emerging in the new era of Industry 4.0, as well as to spread ideas and experiences that are being increasingly consolidated in the industrial sector.

The sessions that make up the Industry 4.0 Congress cover the entire value chain of needs for the industrial professionals. Our content program aims to facilitate technicians and directors the task of be on permanent transformation, as well as the keys to ensure their company’s competitiveness thanks to get more excellence of their operations. They need to increase digitization and automation of the processes at our manufacturing plants, together to the management and communication ones, so that’s what Advanced Factories offers.

This call for Speakers is open to applications that provide inspiring and disruptive ideas, technologies, initiatives, solutions, management models, success stories or projects that help the industrial sector to boost competitiveness and improve production processes and customer service within the framework of Industry 4.0 with the aim of:

  • To improve the productivity
  • To develop sustainable industries
  • To generate new business models
  • To increase the capabilities and utilities of our products

At Advanced Factories, we share the vision that technologies are a facilitating element to achieve the aforementioned objectives. Therefore, the organizing committee of Industry 4.0 Congress will take into consideration those proposals that address issues related to the following topics:

  • Automation: Robotics, cobotics, 3D Printing, advanced industrial machinery, augmented analytics, virtual assistants…
  • Connectivity: IoT, blockchain, cybersecurity, augmented reality, human-machine interfaces (HMI), platforms, portals…
  • Data Analytics: Artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital twin, virtual reality, planning and sequencing
  • Industrial symbiosis: Manufacturing on demand, operator 4.0, digital talent, standardization.

At the same time, the Industry 4.0 Congress hosts specific agendas for each vertical industry, from automotive to food & beverage, including sectors such as logistics, health & pharma, metallurgy, railways, textiles and electronics, among others.

We are thrilled to hear abou you, send your proposal before 2023, February 19th

In addition to our vertical agendas, the Industry 4.0 Congress offers various summits and forums where you can discover the most innovative trends, new ideas and inspiring success stories.

Plant Managers Summit

Artificial Intelligence Summit

Industrial Cybersecurity Summit

CIOs Summit

3D Printing Forum

Congress of Industrial Area Managers

Call for Speakers

Call for Speakers

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