18-20 APRIL 2023
Advanced Factories  CIOs Summit

The figure of the IT Director and the CIO had never been so exposed to business uncertainties. Industrial transformation is going very fast, CIO’s increasingly have to play a fundamental role in providing their strategic vision in the business and not as a simple facilitator of solutions.

Robotics has played an important role in this transformation of our industrial plants, but in this decade in which we enter Artificial Intelligence, IIoT, Cybersecurity, Industrial Cloud, Digital Twin, 5G or Big Data. Robotics and Industrial Automation are going to be fundamental tools for improving productivity and developing new business models.

Don’t miss the CIO’s Agenda that we have prepared in Advanced Factories from March 29th to 31st with sessions about Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Predictive Maintenance, Big Data, Industrial Cybersecurity, 5G, Sensorization, Standardization and Regulation.

The CIO’s Summit is a space designed for CIO’s in the industrial sector who face the new challenges of digitalization daily. It takes place within the framework of our Industry 4.0 Congress and it will discuss issues and define the trends and challenges of each industry in a unique professional environment.


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